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Who are we?

Zamenhof Day

The Esperanto Society of the University of the Philippines (UP Esperanto-Societo/UP Esperas) is a society of speakers, learners, and advocates of the international auxiliary language Esperanto based in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. The organization aims to spread the use of Esperanto as a bridging second language of people working towards cultural interaction and friendship across language barriers.

Our Goals


Promote Esperanto

We advocate the use of Esperanto as a tool for the human family and the citizens of the world.


Empowering Citizens

We empower the Philippine youth by providing avenues for exchange of international cultural ideas and to set an example on how to do so according to their own interests.


Embrace Multiculturalism

We tackle different topics and contribute to the discourse regarding language politics, language and cultural rights, and openness.

What do we do?

Language and Cultural Lessons

Language and Cultural Lessons

We hold Esperanto language lessons and cultural discussions to widen and enhance the view of everyone about the world.



We occasionally release podcasts in Esperanto that talks about Philippine culture. We also release podcasts in Philippine languages to promote Esperanto within the country.



We are probably the only organization in the university that keeps a wide range of literature and media about, and in Esperanto.

Member Meetups

Member Meetups

Members befriend each other and do other hobbies when we do not work for the organization while little-by-little using the language in conversation.

International Linkages

International Linkages

We get to communicate with different people from all over the world through the language.

Past Events