(v.) "grow!"



Everyone of us wants to grow and bloom like a flower for the world to see. The people of the world, akin to a garden of flowers full of colors, is wonderful growing in diversity.

UP Esperas, the club of speakers, learners, and advocates of the international language Esperanto, wants you to grow and be part of this growing garden of flowers.

This semester, start growing with UP Esperas! Be our second batch of new members!

Why us?


Lightweight App Process

The Esperanto community is open to anyone who is interested in the language regardless of their status in life. With this in mind, we have designed our application process to conform to your work load while being challenging, stimulating, and insightful.


Holistic Lessons

We are one of the few organizations that ensures that each member and applicant learn the language and gain a glimpse of the Esperanto community. We do this by holding language and cultural lessons.


Lively Community

Aside from the lessons and other org-related bureaucratic stuff, we also organize social events to make members become close to each other, practice their Esperanto knowledge, and share their experiences in Esperantujo.

Join now!

Application to this organization is open only to students of the University of the Philippines - Diliman campus.

La formularo estas nur por registritaj studentoj de la Universitato de Filipinoj. Bv. ne respondi se vi nek estas filipinanoj nek studas tie.

We are still open for special orientations until 16 February 2019. Drop by our booth at the AS walk, or sign-up here!

For more information about the application process, please contact Jenny or Stalin at +63 998 249 1891.